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ASBA Antique Vintage Snowmobiles - Traverse City


Get Your Raffle Tickets at the Show!

1970 Panther 760CC!
Completely Beautified in 2012
Raffle Date: Saturday March 3rd 2012!

1971 Panther Raffle Sled

Buy Tickets the day of the show!

1 or 5 Tickets, 1 Ticket is $5, or 5 tickets is $20 (a better deal) For tickets please visit the show!

Door Prizes!
50/50 Drawing - Family Fun

Bring on the SNOW this show WILL go on!

Saturday March 3rd 2012





525 Highlake Rd.
Traverse City, MI 49696
(231) 941-0313

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    Thank you for visiting The Old Snowmobile Club's web site.  Our goal is to bring old snowmobiles to new people, new people to a new hobby, and a lifestyle that involves the brining of new life to old iron - rekindling the spirit of a once noble pastime.

  • That being said - we really wanted something to do while drinking other than pissing off our wives and embarrassing our children at normal everyday social events.
  • What you will witness in the following pages you may not like - if pictures of vintage snow machines, people having fun (sometimes at the expense of others), general tinkering, and showing off, offends you - I'm surprised you got this far! Get out of here.... no, really, go.... leave.
  • In case you are curious about the acronym A.S.B.A. it stands for Antique Snow Bastards of America - and if you don't like that, here's as list of (possibly) politically correct vintage snowmobile club websites to visit <click here>
  • Now that we cleared out some of the riff raff;
    • if you like cold beer
    • the taste of homemade wine
    • the smell of fresh green gasoline
    • to see pictures of various interesting things (including but not limited to) antique snowmobiles, click on the  I'll drink to that link below.

I'll drink to that

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